Our Bands

    GEORGIA 400 BAND band plays at weddings, parties and dances in Northern Georgia. We are 'Jerry Piper', 'Mark Cassandra', and 'Noriel Ona', and 'Chris Cook'. We play classic and 80's rock and rockin country.
    1. Summer Concerts
    2. Weddings
    3. Parties
    4. We bring our own DJ and lighting system.
    5. You get both a band and a DJ!

  • image01 Noriel
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    Noriel on Drums

  • image01 Jerry Piper
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    Jerry Piper

    Jerry Piper, Synthesizers and Bass

  • image01 Mark
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    Mark Cassandra

    Mark Cassandra on Lead Guitar

  • image01 Chris Cook
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    Chris Cook

    Chris Cook- Lead Vocal, Rythym Guitar

  • image05 Rockin’ Jerry’
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    Rockin’ Jerry’


  • image06 Noriel, Mark, Jerry
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    Noriel, Mark, Jerry